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About Us

Access to a private, dedicated community platform so you can focus on your practice without getting distracted by social.

You want to feel like you're not alone. You want people who "get it" to bounce ideas off of. You want steady reminders for how you can take what you've built and make it stronger, healthier, and more.

We have the following within our community:

  • Quarterly Virtual Conferences
  • Weekly DocPreneur Leadership Podcasts
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Weekly Virtual Medical-Business Breakfast Series'
  • Annual Industry Conference
  • Online, On-Demand, go-at-your-own pace online courses
  • Master Mind "Topic-Focused" Groups where our healthcare practitioner(s) members can make meaningful progress on their own schedule
  • Connections to experienced Physicians & industry experts/leaders from all over the world who are as committed as you are to building an effective, sustainable, & profitable practice
  • The ability to ... post about anything you're feeling stuck on or any ideas you have brewing!

For some Doctors, being a Physician is a source of pride. And for others, it’s a penalty box filled with frustration. They didn't sign up for this. Our goal with the Concierge Medicine Forum is to help Doctors integrate their passion for medicine where they are right now with their pursuit to give their patients "purpose" and see lives changed in their community.

We share best practices, run polls, surveys, discuss what's happening behind the scenes and talk candidly about the ups & downs of medicine. We provide free and paid online courses as well as online, accredited CME courses for Doctors who wish to lean-in and learn more about precision medicine, concierge medicine, genetics, cancer testing, nutrition and marketing a medical practice that creates enough top of mind awareness to keep your medical practice on speed dial during a time when patients are so easily distracted."

This community is managed by Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the industry trade publication and news organization for the Concierge Medicine and private healthcare delivery marketplace throughout the U.S., and has international reach. 

CMT and our annual Concierge Medicine FORUM is the industry’s oldest national trade event and publication and our healthcare publication is the destination for Physicians, healthcare CEOs, DocPreneurs, businesses, consumers, legislators, precision medicine scientists, professors, researchers and other stakeholders to learn about the rich history and heritage of this industry. 


This is not a DIY, a How-To Do This or Make the Transition Into Concierge Medicine or other private, subscription and membership medicine-based healthcare delivery models. If that's what you need, we're happy to tell you about all the great companies and people that can help you with that. 

Our network exists to bring unique Doctors with special skills who are natural entrepreneurs and leaders in their community -- together to get real about what's working–and what's not. You can trade notes on marketing, direct message with your peers, talk about technology platforms, practice operations, staff management, industry trends, precision medicine and more.

We have a plan to bring purpose to your practice.

And we believe that as we work together, we learn together.

The Concierge Medicine Forum is the best way to stay connected throughout the year and between annual gatherings and conferences with the unique and dynamic Concierge Medicine community. Here, you'll learn from one another and get the resources to move forward with your mission to be the best Doctor FOR your community. We'll teach you one week and provide exclusive interviews and practical perspective and examples the next. We exist to encourage you to consider what it could look like to bridge the gap between your day job and your dream job -- which by the way, might actually be where you are right now -- but you need a little perspective and insight move the needle forward.

You will get year-long access with exclusive resources and expert interviews to help you, your team, your medical staff and your patients. Each month is packed with resources and coaching to grow your practice and nourish the Physician-Patient experience.

Do you sometimes feel like entering the exam room is like going into the penalty box?

You are not alone! 

The Concierge Medicine Forum exists to help Doctors, your spouse and your team/staff navigate the challenges of a busy medical professional life, answer your questions about patient experience and career decisions, and to equip Doctors to serve in their community with passion and energy.

When you become a member of The Concierge Medicine Forum, you belong to a community of leaders and Physicians who are making their own decisions and taking ownership of their own tasks with the support of thoughtful insight, peer recommendations and trusted colleagues.

We’ve created resources that will bring unique insight to your workday, delivered conveniently to your inbox every week.

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